Hiking/Tekking: New Horizon at the age of 47.....A journey of self-exploration!

Hey friends, this is Savita Kanade. I am from Pune, Maharashtra, India. The land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, an Indian warrior king and the founder of Maratha Empire in western India. He was well known for his forts and possessed of around 370 forts at the time of his death. Shivneri, Raigad, Rajgad, Purandar, Pratapgad and many more…

I started hiking/trekking in Western Ghat especially known as Sahyadri, 3 years back in 2015. That time I was 47 years old. Before this I was never ever involved in any outing as such and not having regular physical exercise. The life was truly focused on school, college, job, and then family responsibilities. I used to do jumping rope or go for walking in a garden when I used to feel like I put on weight!

Till mid June 2017, I did 35 treks around Pune. One of them includes first experience of 300 ft rappelling and  60 ft valley crossing at Dukes Nose near Lonawala. 

Trek to valley of flowers and Everest Base Camp were my memorable treks so far. 

June 2016, I got a sense like I should write trek experiences and here I am! The drive behind, to highlight challenges I faced doing hiking/trekking at this age, where my body was not at all habitual doing such kind of  adventure, emotions I experienced and contributing factors in overcoming physical and mental challenges and  achieving trek summit!

You will not find things like,  history of the place, trek endurance, difficulty level, grade etc in the blog. This type of information is available there on internet, trekking website, books etc. You can also seek such information from trek leaders. 

My trek blogs, thus solely focused on my feelings and lessons learnt! It was wonderful exposure to our great history, heritage, flora and fauna of Sahyadri, ecology, geology, rich culture and many more. 

They are unique blogs with regards achieving summit by overcoming many barriers on the way to hiking/trekking. I am sure you will enjoy this personal experience with great happiness and inspiration!

At present, experiences written are in Marathi, my mother tongue! Very soon you will find posted them in English as well!

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Link of the blog is:  http://savitakanade.com

I highly appreciate your reactions, remarks, comments and suggestions. 

Thank you!

Have a safe and joyful hiking/trekking!

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